Alibi (Or Someplace Else)

25 May 2021 to 30 May 2021 Old Fitz Theatre, 129 Dowling Street (Crn of Cathedral St), Wollomoolloo, Gadigal Country, NSW, Australia.
By the pop artist Willing

"A tour-de-force of writing and performance" - The Australian

Stars in his eyes, a derelict ageing twink moves to the Unreal City on a theatrical whim. Chaos ensues, his life becoming an intoxicating vortex of sex, drugs and deceit.

His gateway to this treacherous world is the mysterious PC, an international man of mystery, a money launderer and a fraud. He promises fame but delivers breakdown.

Meanwhile the people are revolting, on a scale we've never witnessed before, and it is his relationship with Nick, the young revolutionary, that just might save him.

ALIBI (OR SOMEPLACE ELSE) is a play for a society in crisis. His most confessional piece, it is also Willing's most dishonest, for the central concern is the magnetism of the theatrical lie in a world that is done with truth.

But at its heart this is a love story. A queer romance that swings from violence to tenderness in moments, dealing with issues of addiction, punishment and ultimately the radical act of forgiveness.

This show contains discussion of sexual violence, simulated sex, flashing lights, haze, drug use and strong themes.

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